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Saturday, July 15, 2023 Rand No comments

After Paris, I came down to Avignon in Provence, to see a college buddy’s presentation at the huge theatre arts festival. The town is crawling with arts types and all the hype that goes with it. A bit of a sensory overload. The city is ancient and magical. My morning walk through a quiet series of narrow streets was unforgettable. Just me and the 14th century gargoyles and saints. More to come!

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After getting sidetracked when COVID hit, I finally got over to Europe to visit friends and see art and architecture.

Stunning, amazing, diverse, over the top with tourists as well. I am hiding out on the top floor of a somewhat funky old hotel, the view of the tower not too far off. A few pics, more to come. Au revoir!

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Laughing man

12″X18″ Watercolor   What you see is what you get. Postmodern Realism….

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Where do I begin?

The way that I relate to the world is changing. Life can be so unpredictable and exciting!

This painting I did of a gathering storm cloud over Show Low. Let’s hope it won’t be long before Tucson gets its Monsoon Rainstorm On!

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As I travel the state we currently call Arizona, its beauty keeps unfolding in more complex ways. I like to go where Man is a seldom guest. Passing beside Lake Roosevelt, my spirit soared when I saw all the water coming off the mountains! It was surreal. So much had come in that lower areas were flooded. Trees were partially submerged. Desert like islands appeared with cactus on them. Up at higher elevations, the melting snow fields made divine graffiti! Images of the lake to come.

Sunset outside Sonoita
Snow fields outside Greer-iPad
Elgin March grasslands
Watercolor–Bowie, AZ