Everyone has a philosophy. Think about it. Your beliefs, rules, fables, all of it. Your template to navigate the world. A structure, like the wire framework of a maquette, that all your other questions, wonders, lies, and dreams of the world hang from.

I studied it in school. It’s an ongoing process. To some, it’s the beginning of a big yawn. I maintain that everyone has something like that, even if they are not fully aware of it.

It begs the question: How DO you get a philosophy major off your porch? Pay for the pizza.

Inside are some of my methods and tools for manifesting a narrative. It’s a storyline or explanation as to what seems to be happening to me. My 3 big pillars of meaning are Context; deriving meaning from what’s around you;  Belief as subjectivity; Basically you believing something because you choose to, and Definition of terms; what do YOU mean by ‘white’? For example.

The essays, haikus, terms, and other word works make up a part I cannot draw or paint.