Spring 2002University of Arizona Alumni group show
January 2003Began working with tin
April 2003University of Arizona Alumni group show
July 2003Obsidian Gallery group Show
September 2003Began showing at Tohono Chul gift Shop
September 20032 person show with Ed Davenport at Tucson Arts District Partnership office
September 2003Day of the Dead Show-Tohono Chul Park
October 2003‘Pollos del Pueblo” Show-Tucson Arts Coalition
November 2003One man show- Catalina Park Inn, Tucson, AZ
November 2003Began showing at Bohemia Gallery Tucson, AZ
January 2004Began showing in Bisbee at ‘Made in Bisbee’ gallery
February 2004Began showing at the Newman Gallery in Prescott
February 2004Valentine’s Day Show—Heart Five, Tucson, AZ
March 2004‘Orange Alert’ Show-Tucson Arts Coalition
March 2004TPAC Studio tour
March 2004‘The Artist and the Garden’ Show—Tohono Chul Park
April 2004‘Illuminated’ Show—Heart Five
April 2004Group Invitational (Underpants) Etherton Temple Gallery
April 2004University of Arizona Alumni group show
June 2004‘Monsoon’ show—Tohono Chul Park
June 2004Began showing at Global Arts Gallery-Patagonia
July 2004“Here I Am’ Invitational show—Obsidian Gallery
September 2004Began showing at the TMA Museum Store
March 2005TMA (Tucson Museum of Art)Art Fair
April 2005‘Wherefore Art Thou’ Group Invitational Etherton Temple Gallery
May 2005‘Re-Visions Show’ Tohono Chul Park
June 2005H2O Juried Show Dinnerware Artspace
June 2005‘Le Salon des Refuses’ Dinnerware Artspace
September 2005Dia de los Muertos Show Tohono Chul Park
October 2005Art Auction Dinnerware Artspace
November 2005TMA Art Fair
March 2006‘Romance of the West Show’ Tohono Chul Park
March 2006TMA Art Fair
March 2006Featured Artist Fourth Ave. St. Fair
March 2006One man show Etherton Temple Gallery
April 2006‘Bonfire of the Vanitas’ Group Invitational’ Etherton Temple Gallery
April 2006Changed Gallery in Bisbee to Twist
June 2006‘Persona’ Invitational show—Obsidian Gallery
July 2006Began showing at Nepenthe- Big Sur, California
August 2006‘Alter Ego’ Invitational show—Obsidian Gallery
November 2006TMA Art Fair
March 2007Began showing at Zeek Gallery , Salem, Oregon
March 2007TMA Art Fair
June 2007‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Invitational show—Obsidian Gallery
September 2007Began showing at ‘Funky Chicken Art Project’ Atlanta, Georgia
November 2007‘Visions of the Land’ show Tohono Chul Park
November 2007TMA Art Fair
March 2008Began showing at Human Arts Gallery Ojai, California
March 2008TMA Fair
March 2008Opening of my ‘New Work’ show at Twist Gallery, Bisbee
May 2008WAMO Spring Open Studio Tour
May 2008Davis Dominguez Small Works Invitational
May 2008‘Recycled/Reused Show’ at Tohono Chul Park
May 2008Dinnerware ‘Small Frames, Big Ideas’ Invitational
September 2008Dinnerware ‘Dream Makers: New Works from the Citizens Art Studios’
October 2008Bohemia Artist Emporium ‘Tin-tillations’ One man show
November 2008TPAC Open Studios Tour
November 2008TMA Fair
January 2009‘Laughing Matters’ show at Tohono Chul Park
March 2009TPAC Open Studios Tour
March 2009TMA Fair
April 2009‘Urban Picnic’ Lunchbox creator
May 2009‘Canyons’ show at Tohono Chul Park
October 2009‘Luminas’ show at the Dinnerware Gallery
November 2009TPAC Open Studios Tour
November 2009TMA Fair
March 2010TPAC Open Studios Tour
March 2010TMA Fair
June 2010Began showing in ‘Plum Crazy’ gallery, North Carolina
November 2010One man show Etherton Temple Gallery
March 2011TMA Fair
March 2011Peep-a-tational Invitational Bohemia Gallery
March 2011Tucson Open studios tour
April 2011Recycled show –Shemer Art Center –Phoenix
June 2011Bug Invitational—SamPoe Gallery—Bisbee, AZ
ovember 2011TMA Fair
January 2012—Centennial Show—Tohono Chul Park
March 2012TMA Fair
April 2012‘Red’ Invitational — Etherton Temple Gallery
April 2012Tucson Open Studios tour
November 2012TMA Fair
March 2013One Man Show—‘Armed and Dangerous”-Wee Gallery, Tucson
November 2013TMA Fair
Oct.-Dec. 2013Small Works Tohono Chul Park
April 2014TMA Fair
November 2014TMA Fair
Feb.2015Wee Gallery- one man show—Paint on Tin
Feb.-Apr. 2015‘Sonoran Desert: Large and Small’ Tohono Chul Park
April 2015Open Studios Tour
April 2015TMA Fair
June-August 2015Etherton Gallery—‘The Artists of Citizens Warehouse’
Nov. 2015Open Studios Tour
Nov. 2015TMA Fair
Oct.-Dec. 2015Small Works Tohono Chul Park
Nov.-Feb. 2016‘Taking Flight-Birds in Art’ Tohono Chul Park
March 2016‘The Tin Commandments’ One man show – Wee Gallery
April 2016TMA Fair
Oct. 2016Contreras Gallery—Aargaard-Carlson-Fitzsimmons-‘Artists and Political Cartoonists’
Nov. 2016Tohono Chul Gallery—‘Sonoran Symbiosis’
Nov. 2017Jan. 2018 Tohono Chul Welcome Gallery—One man show
May-June 2018‘Tin is the New Black’—Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, WV
June 2018‘We Have Something to Say’ Steinfeld Community Arts Center, Tucson, AZ
Aug. 2018Lotteria Show -Arte de la Vida—Tucson, AZ
March 2019Tucson Museum of Art Store Exhibit, Tucson, AZ
Sept. 2019ACLU Anniversary Statewide Tour Exhibition Gammage Auditorium, Tempe, AZ
Sept. 2019Contreras Gallery—Aargaard-Carlson-Fitzsimmons-‘Artists and Political Cartoonists’



1979-1980Calligraphy instructor -Pima College
1979-1980Cartooning instructor -Pima College
1984Perspective instructor—Scottsdale Technical Institute
1992‘Magazine Graphic Design’ Copper Quill Awards presentation, Tempe, AZ
1995-1996Substitute teacher Amphi School District Tucson, AZ
1996-1997Substitute teacher Yavapai School District, Sedona, AZ
1997Artist in the Schools Program, Sedona High School
1997Plein Air Painting instructor Sedona Art Center
2004-2006Tin collage presentations- Collage Society of Southern Arizona
2015-2016Cartooning instructor – The Drawing Studio, Tucson, AZ



1960Graduated from Benjamin Bubb Elementary, Mtn. View, CA
1967Graduated from Cupertino High School, Cupertino, CA
1965-67Cartoonist, Prospector newspaper, Cupertino High School
1966-67Cartoonist, Cupertino Courier, Cupertino, CA
1967-68Attended the California College of Arts and Crafts
1969-70Attended De Anza College
1969-70Cartoonist, La Voz Newspaper, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
1968-70Silk screen art vendor, Old Town, Los Gatos, CA
1969Cartoonist, San Jose Red Eye, San Jose, CA
1971Began attending the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
1971-72Cartoonist, Arizona Daily Wildcat, UA Tucson
1972Cartoonist, Straight Creek Journal, Denver, CO
1973-75Interior Design Illustrator, Ramada Inns, Phoenix, AZ
1974-75Cartoonist, New Times, Phoenix, AZ
1975-76Waiter, Wineskin Restaurant, Snowmass, CO
1976Assistant Manager, Paprikas Fono restaurant, San Francisco, CA
1977Reentered the University of Arizona
1977-79Cartoonist, Arizona Daily Wildcat, UA Tucson
1977-78Art Director, National Education Secretary, Tucson, AZ
1978-79Art Director, Arizona Feeds, Tucson, AZ
1979Graduated from the University of Arizona/ BA Philosophy
1979-80Art Director, Tucson Weekly News, Tucson, AZ
1981-83Graphics Editor, El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso, TX
1982El Paso Art Fair, El Paso, TX
1983-86Art Director, New Times, Phoenix, AZ
1986-87Art Director, Arizona Trend Magazine, Phoenix, AZ
1987Present-Cartoonist, Tucson Weekly, Tucson, AZ
1988-PresentStarted Random Arts, a freelance graphic design and illustration studio.