haiku november triad
in late november
three lavender survivors
trumpet vines bugled!

alcohol and weed
my substitutes’ evil twins
sugar and caffeine

seeing me within
big moon burns through the thin clouds
a flashlight voyeur

monsoon lust
once you were with me
exposed white hot wet on top
twice you are now gone

new mexico dreams
wild cold air loop
in between the giants above
home alone again

mindlessness happened
left the oven door open
now tucson’s mistake

living with the ghosts
excuse me i didn’t see
your yesterday life

Louvre moves
here inside the louvre
vast halls of beauty await
mona! i can’t move!

fulfillment centers
herded into one great big
art-azon warehouse

she’s an art rock star
all hail the queen of cool
the cell phones prostrate

Quaint it ain’t
outside paris sits
a stone farmhouse with solar
in a green collage

all spaghetti routes
trains of thought are stationed here
in meatball chaos

eating on the street
pass the salt on the (left) bank
side walk haut cuisine

like an old movie
filling me with eye candy
with buttered pope corn

the herd moves forward
in the slaughterhouse gift shop
knocked out by the views

spring spirit haikus
awake in the wake
a tsunami of the tself
wave and say hello

language can be like
knitting with a bowling ball
a thought is better

drop in a time coin
play me like an old juke box
All the greatest hits

Happenstance Haikus

whale vane (stronghold)
sonic zoo cages
of bullfrogs and belugas
at the half moon ranch

god armature (greer)
henry moore snowmen
natural chisled wind blown
roadside ice hoodoos

off the rails (bisbee)
up up and away
the cast stairs to yesterday
the way home no more

But a piece of what
I am a pottery shard
From long ago time

too late
Said frog in the spa
Only some like it hot
Before he knew it

architect porn
her warm sandstone folds
in gothic revival pose
beckon me inside

stairway to heaven
your eves my adams apple
newel post stands stiff

Being inside you
Your inner light engorges me
your bays and foyers!

psychic sidekick
On auto renew
my youtube guru dejour
keeps my float afloat

de forest haiku
green elephant trunks!
uncoiling on the floor
to re fern-ish it

wishing haiku
coin drops down the well
whistle in a cathedral
you get the idea

media dream haiku
rush a tape line
you crane your neck to see more
an untrue crime war

blockage haiku
on a vacation-
an obstacle in the way-

springs’ haiku
verdant tongues pop up
licking and stealing the sky
blue irises peek

obvious haiku (5/19)
your wall is a joke
humanity is porous
it always leaks through

algorithm and blues haiku
that old macdonald
had a cybernetic thought farm
a i  a I  oh

neverthere haiku
i was impacted
way before you reacted
(it was redacted)

identity haiku
I think it’s a cage
I don’t know what i don’t know
not to be cagey

seasonal haiku
psychedelic hues!
es pea are i en gee
You come to me sweet

phone(y) haiku
for honor: press one
for total respect: press two
for labels: prestige

then and now haiku
for the time being
clock sucking and tick tocking
some wrist watch handcuffs

debate haiku
saw two tonight here
so too little of truth
so true a jive show

ebony haiku
the pot and kettle
you calling me judgemental
fade to black robe

location haiku
move on from this thing
any pin can be reset
bowling alley law

baseball card haiku
way up in heaven
we can trade our best times there
yours for mine-in joy

cuisine haiku
my italian food
yummy pasta with my friends
we made all the ciao

sandy haiku
a coral pink conch
your heart exposed and timid
washed up on my beach

morning haiku
cryptic packages
some fried chicken for breakfast
the obvious choice

rusty haiku
his grizzled block walls
an old manufactory
crow’s feet near windows